How to hold a small bottle when feeding

How to hold a small bottle when feeding

Statistically, the problem of shortage of breast milk meets rather often. At an insufficient lactation it is necessary to resort to artificial feeding which has strict rules: the mix dosage, the correct processing of ware, the provision of a small bottle during feeding – all this is of great importance.


1. The provision of a small bottle when feeding is very important: from that, how correctly you will hold it, depends how soon the child will gorge on whether he will choke and whether will swallow air.

2. Beforehand carefully wash up a small bottle both inside, and outside: it should not slip out a palm. Having dissolved mix, shake up it and rub off a small bottle dry a towel. Take it in a palm for the lower part: fingers have to cover its surface reliably.

3. Take the kid on hands, in that situation in which you nurse it. Having put a small bottle to a cheek, check, whether not hot it. During feeding you hold a small bottle at an angle of 45 degrees – so that the pacifier was filled with mix all the time. If in a nipple there is an air, the child can zaglotnut it, and it is fraught not only with vomiting, but also severe vomiting, and sleepless nights – gas generation for certain will cause intestinal gripes. Being not able to sleep peacefully, the child will be exhausted itself and izmuchat you.

4. The head of the baby during feeding has to be slightly raised. You watch that it was not thrown back and was not given on one side, – otherwise it will be difficult for kid to swallow, and he can even choke.

5. Do not lift a small bottle vertically at all: the child can choke, in particular, if an opening in a nipple – big. To avoid similar troubles, it is necessary to buy nipples, proceeding from age of the kid, with openings of the corresponding form and the size. Ideally it has to be such that mix from the bottle turned upside down did not flow a stream, and dripped small drops. You remember: at the baby a need not only for food, but also for sucking is had. Having quickly drunk mix from a small bottle through a big opening, he will not be able to satisfy this reflex.

6. If there is a possibility of the choice, pick up a small bottle for feeding of a form, convenient for you. According to mothers, in a hand the wide "fitted" small bottles best of all "lay down". They are made under many trademarks: Nuby, Avent Philips, Bebe Confort, etc. Some of them have on each side special dredging or rubber inserts for which it is very convenient to hold them. On sale there are also bottles for feeding designed with an inclination so-called "angular" (for example, Chicco). After acquisition of such small bottle of questions of how it is correct to hold it during feeding, does not arise.

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