How to hold games for children

How to hold games for children

If in one room, more than three unorganized children gathered on one street - wait for troubles: grazes, litter, fights, the broken windows and so on. The best medicine for future quarrels is to occupy all crowd with something like that that it became interesting to most of them, the others will be brought up, it is possible and not to doubt. Children are not able to play, they argue who leading, divide roles that brings besides to negative result. Very good way out - outdoor games. They happen for absolutely small and for teenagers. Only the adult who will organize all and will interest is necessary.

It is required to you

  • - good mood
  • - love of children and patience.


1. If to borrow children is necessary 2-4 years are younger, then and games have to be easier, simpler: ""Loaf"", ""At a bear in a pine forest"", ""Geese geese"", ""Engines"", ""Birdies, small fishes"" and so on where it is necessary to apply development of the child. Children have to reproduce sounds of animals, transport, to show movements of the chosen objects. At this age it is interesting to them, to go as a bear, to low as a cow. Only one condition - animals (or other objects) has to be much and it is impossible to linger on someone or something one. As soon as the kids began to wriggle, it is time to change a game.

2. ""At a bear in a pine forest"" One child - the bear, imagines that he sleeps on one party. The others go on free space with words: ""In a pine forest I take mushrooms, berries from a bear. And the bear does not sleep, and the bear growls!"" The Bear wakes up and catches children.

3. ""Geese geese"" One - a wolf, one - the leader, the others - geese. The leader on one party, geese on another, a wolf between them goes and waits for the exit. Dialogue between conducting and geese: - Geese! Geese! - Hectare eider! - Do you want to eat? - Yes-yes! - Well fly! - It is impossible for us. The gray wolf at the foot of a hill, does not let us home! - Well fly as want, only protect wings! ""Geese run on the party of the leader, and the wolf catches them.

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