How to hold newborns during bathing

How to hold newborns during bathing

Each person should watch personal hygiene. It is especially important when business concerns newborns. The fact is that small children are subject to various infections and diseases. Preparing for bathing of the kid, it is necessary to remember how it is correct to hold it.


1. In advance think over all moments of bathing of the newborn. Indoors air has to be we heat, cold. Try that there were no drafts, and the door to the room was open that the sharp contrast of temperatures was not created.

2. Take care of that all objects, necessary for bathing, were near at hand. This list includes an oilcloth, a clean diaper, clothes and pampers. Special means by means of which it is possible to process its leather and a navel are also necessary for newborns. In particular it is Q-tips, potassium permanganate, cream or talc.

3. That it was convenient to you to swaddle the kid, it is better to spread out all objects in a row in advance. Do not forget also about children's soap, a towel, a jug with clear water and the thermometer.

4. If your child still absolutely small, it is worth getting a special bath that he was not afraid of water procedures. Before use it is better to wash it with baking soda or to drench with boiled water.

5. In order that you could treat yet not healed child's navel wound, dissolve potassium permanganate in a small jar. By means of a gauze or a bintik filter the turned-out liquid. As for the procedure of bathing, usual flowing water to which the divorced potassium permanganate is added will be suitable for it. Optimum temperature for newborns is 34-37 degrees.

6. Before immersion in water the child can make massage to prepare for bathing.

7. Now it is necessary only to take the baby correctly. It is not necessary to stack the child on an elbow bend since in this situation you will not be able normally to wash it.

8. To expiate the newborn it is necessary to take the left hand him for a nape, having put a palm on a neck and a back. At this time the right hand holds legs and the child's buttocks. In such situation the kid will hardly slip out at you hands.

9. Having shipped the child in a bath, it is possible to release the right hand, and left to continue to support a head. It you will give to the kid a little freedom. For certain, to it will move pleasantly and interestingly with handles in water. Now you need to wash out carefully all folds on the newborn's body, to wash volosik, space between fingers, etc. Water procedures come to the end with rinsing.

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