How to hold the newborn's column

How to hold the newborn's column

Many young mothers and especially fathers are afraid to take the kid on hands. He seems such fragile, it is worth turning awkwardly him — and there can be a disaster. But it is necessary to take the kid on hands all the same, and better that reliable parental hands which mean to the kid much at the same time did not shiver.


1. First of all stop to be afraid. The kid actually not such fragile, and even that circumstance that he for the present does not hold a head should not confuse you. You love it and will not do it any harm.

2. To learn to take the kid it is better from situation on a back. Therefore turn it in the necessary situation directly in a bed or in a carriage. Do not forget to smile to the kid and he is tender to talk to him. Movements should not be sharp, otherwise your uncertainty will be transferred to the child and he will begin to be capricious.

3. Bend over the kid. Bring one hand under the child's neck, and another — under his back around a waist. Take your time. Quietly and smoothly lift the child and press to yourself. You make sure that there is nothing terrible in that to keep him in vertical position. The main thing — you hold it strong, but not convulsively.

4. When you keep the kid on hands in vertical position, surely support a neck and the head. Thus the kid is carried until his neck does not get stronger and he will not learn to hold the head independently.

5. Learn to stack the kid in a bed or in a carriage. In this case it is necessary to do everything in the return about. Bend with the child on hands over a bed and accurately put the kid, without taking away hands at once. Carefully pull out one hand, then — another. Do not do sharp movements.

6. When you learn to take accurately the kid lying on a back try to take him on hands when it lies on a tummy. For this purpose bring one hand under a breast, holding a chin big and index with fingers. Bring the second hand under a breast. Accurately raise the child in vertical position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team