How to impart to children love for reading

How to impart to children love for reading

Probably, each parent wants to see the child, independently reading the book. At the same time he does not need to be forced and forced, he wishes to listen to the interesting fairy tale or to learn the amusing rhyme. But the few parents can brag of it, in our computer century the reading somehow imperceptibly passed into the background. But meanwhile all understand that the love for the book will render to the kid in the future invaluable service. That the child was unseparable with the book, parents need to be patient and persistent.


1. Of course, in the reading family where the child gets acquainted with the book almost from the cradle of problems with reading, as a rule, does not happen. The book becomes for the kid the same idle time and a clear thing as, for example, a toy. It grows together with it and does not represent the life without book.

2. That your kid fell in love with reading, begin to acquaint it with books as soon as possible. In 3-4 months the baby can already show bright illustrations, to read nursery rhymes, short rhymes, humourous catchphrases. As soon as the kid learns to hold well in hand various objects, suggest it to look through books with thick pages, at the same time comment on images in them.

3. Children whom parents acquainted with the book in infancy, as a rule, by one and a half-two years ask to esteem. Therefore do not refuse to the kid, find two-three minutes to work with him. If the child shows an initiative itself, do not suppress it, having refused to the kid several times, he too soon will refuse your offer to esteem.

4. Try to impart love of the child not only for reading as to process, and to the book. Do not allow the kid to tear pages, to draw in it. Teach him to be respectful to the book, to address with it carefully. Be an example, buy books more often or change available for you with friends and acquaintances. Sign up your child in library and regularly visit it.

5. Surely consider the choice of the child. Children are more senior can be fond of something interesting in their opinion: dinosaurs, snakes, space opening, etc. Encourage preferences of the child, reading is the best way to broaden horizons, memory and thinking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team