How to impart to the child love for reading of books

How to impart to the child love for reading of books

Books and reading will be quicker and in a complex developed by a set of abilities at your kid. One business if the child does not show interest in books at the age of a year or two. And how to wake desire at the kid to read when he is more senior? Psychologists together with skilled mothers allocated a number of the methods helping to bring together the child and books.


1. In the house to put children's books in various places noticeable to the child and within reach of his growth.

2. Read to the child in the evening and before going to bed. You ask to retell read. Will be useful that the child altered the story or thought up continuation. Try to ask the child to address public: grandmothers, relatives, guests.

3. Gather all family and read in turn, passing round the book. Children are quickly involved in collective classes, and be not surprised if the kid begins to snatch out the book, without waiting for the turn.

4. Very well with books to fix what the child already knows and saw. For example, you were at an exhibition of cats. It is a high time to read stories about cats and their representatives.

5. Reading books to the child, conduct with him a conversation. Ask questions, for example, and badly or well any given fantastic hero arrived. Or how the child would arrive on the place of the prince or tsarevna? Show illustrations in books to episodes from stories. Let the child will tell about the opinion, looking at the picture.

6. If your cub already independently little by little reads, try to set the reading mode that it happened regularly and in certain hours. Ask to become at the child the listener. The main thing, do not strain the child if suddenly he ceased to read and ran to the toys.

7. If the child chose a position of the listener and itself does not want to begin to read in any way, then during reading of the story sharply be interrupted, but close the book so that the little pighead saw on what place you slammed it. Perhaps, the natural curiosity will win, and the kid himself will continue reading from that place on which you stopped.

8. Subscribe to children's interesting magazines. After you read to the child all magazine, the kid will examine once again pictures and will probably begin to read written.

9. Connection of the visual book with an audio recording can become a quite good trick. Include record and get the book, let the child listen to the fairy tale or the story, monitoring the text on lines of the book.

10. Well roles separation stimulates reading. Give all roles: to, dad, grandmother and kid. Pick up the fairy tale where among heroes there are several characters and there are dialogues. Such reading is capable to involve the child in process and to push to the beginning of reading.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team