How to impart to the child love for school

How to impart to the child love for school

First, when the child goes to kindergarten, he very long cannot get used to tutors, the mode, children, to be left without parents for long time. Further the difficult period comes to an end, and the child gets used. Several years parents and their children live quietly and measuredly. But in life of each child after kindergarten the new stage begins – they go to school. And problems with accustoming are started over again.

What difficulties are experienced by the child, passing to a new stage

Except an unknown situation, unfamiliar companions and teachers, the school student has some more problems which in him are caused by new educational institution:

  • Unfamiliar place. Depending on the child, adaptation to school will take place differently: someone likes to show independence, and someone "tail" will go for the teacher and to try not to go beyond a class.
  • Other mode. The main problem is here the restlessness and inability to plan the time. It affects both on in behavior at school, and beyond its limits. For example, school students are given homeworks, and the child because of the inability to plan day is not in time or forgets it to execute.
  • Earlier, when the child still went to kindergarten, it had no duties and he could quietly sit down to play, go for a walk or to be engaged in another not less important issues. But now in the list of affairs there will be homeworks which need to be carried out. Often happens that children already come tired and after school they want to have a rest.
  • Many children dream to spend more time without relatives, but it can help the child to feel loneliness.

How to improve mood of the child

To adjust the child on the good future

In order that transition to a new stage for the child did not become shocking, it is necessary to conduct with it certain conversations. For example, positively to speak of school, to say how there it is healthy and cheerful as a lot of new can be learned at school, what kind and sympathetic teachers there. The parent can tell the child about how they will go to choose office, to focus attention that the choice will be for the child. It is necessary to try to inform the school student that this stage of life very important and interesting that have to pass all through it.

Matting of the child on doing homework

Generally children who go to school are initially ready in relation to it negatively because they want to play, and not all spheres of school interest them. Nevertheless homework all the same should be done, regardless of the relation to a subject. Most often just also happens that the child delays the moment of performance of a task, and as a result does it somehow or at all does not do.

It is in this situation important to work with an encouragement method. It is necessary to think up as it is better to summarize good marks. For example, create the special poster in which it is necessary to paste all positive estimates in a week. And at the end it is necessary to gather all family and to estimate efforts of the child. If week passed well, then it is necessary to encourage the school student, for example, with a campaign in a zoo.

Importance of objects 

Usually school students badly are engaged in those objects which are not pleasant to them also which as they consider, will not help them further in any way. In this case the parent needs to convince the child of importance of each subject.

Ability to plan

For each person it is important to plan the day. But the child of it is not able yet therefore it is necessary to help him. The parent should discuss a possible daily routine, but not every minute, but formal. For example, it is possible to define time for lessons, for games, time for a dream. It is not recommended to press on the child or to work counter with his personal preferences.

It will be simpler to child to be adjusted on the school mode if he is supported by parents. In anybody a case it is not necessary to suppress authority of the teacher and to accuse him of all failures. Good option: to suggest the school student to cope with problems together, to try to make that it is impossible once again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team