How to improve appetite of the child

How to improve appetite of the child

Headache of many parents - small appetite at the kid. Reasons for refusal of food can be different, both a simple whim, and the beginning of a catarrhal disease. Anyway, if the child refuses consumption of food a long period - it is an occasion to visit the pediatrician. But also it is unnecessary to feed the child of 10 times a day and large portions, sooner or later the kid will not sustain and will go on hunger strike.


1. Observe the feeding mode. Do not give in intervals between meals of sweet, juice or fruit. Better let the kid will eat them right after food. Intermediate meals give a false signal in a brain of satiety of an organism, and children cannot eat only because all sat down at a table.

2. Do not allow the child to distract at meal time. He will not manage to eat the necessary amount of food, and the signal already comes to a brain. It is undesirable to feed too quickly too. The kid can overeat and at him the stomach as children cannot control the necessary amount of food will ache and they sometimes have indigestion.

3. Give to the child vitamin C in 30 minutes prior to. It will strengthen production of gastric juice and will enhance appetite. You can give several segments of tangerine, orange or a pineapple piece instead of synthetic vitamin. The principle of effect of these fruit is similar with vitamin C.

4. Decorate food. To children the appearance of products is very important and the appetite increases at the sight of invitingly the issued dish. Also kids eat better if they are in the company, but do not sit alone over a bowl of soup. Keep the child the company, and you sit down at the table during a dinner of all family even better.

5. In pharmacies, means of plant origin which stimulate appetite are on sale. You can buy any of them for the child. They do not contain harmful components, herbs and vitamin complexes are their part. Give them according to the instruction, but most of them should be accepted in 30 minutes prior to food. The dosage is chosen according to age and weight of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team