How to improve attention of the school student?

How to improve attention of the school student?

After winter the pupils of elementary grades hardly concentrate on study and classes, inattentively listen to the teacher at school and parents of the house. How to help the child to concentrate?


1. Clean houses all things which can distract your child during the classes. The TV, an aquarium, toys and other entertainments have to be in other room, behind visibility limits of the child. In a class of such child it is the best of all to ask to put for the first school desk.

2. If you want the child to apprehend all words told by you, then approach him closer and embrace. It promotes increase in level of attention.

3. Try to teach the child to listen thoughtfully. For this purpose it is necessary to finish each question with a question: "And how you consider?" Thanks to it it is possible to avoid a situation when the child listens and mechanically agrees with everything, but actually all his thoughts of another.

4. Try to establish with the child during the conversation visual contact. If the child begins to look away and around also in clouds, it is possible to return him "into place" light touch.

5. That the child acquired school material better, ask it to retell studied to one of family members. The best way to learn new is to tell it to other person.

6. Help the child to relax and splash out the imagination on paper.

7. Parents also have to understand that frequent physical and psychological activities lead to decrease in working capacity. Therefore you should not load the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team