How to improve breast milk

How to improve breast milk

Recently on shelves of shops there is a huge choice of mixes-substitutes of breast milk. However any product will not replace to the kid of milk of mother. And for successful and long breastfeeding the woman needs to watch structure of breast milk, and at decrease in its quality to take all measures for improvement.

It is required to you

  • Laktatsionny teas, fresh and quality products.


1. Of course, the quality of milk depends also on genetic predisposition. But it is not the main reason of a successful lactation. Let's consider several ways to improve breast milk. The first rule: good mood of the nursing mother – pledge of a qualitative lactation. Try to keep composure and calm. Stresses and experiences sharply reduce development of breast milk.

2. – do not neglect rule second the laktatsionny teas which are written out in policlinic. Even if they will not affect directly amount of milk, grass collecting, anyway, is very useful to an organism in general.

3. Rule third is healthy nutrition. One of the reasons for which many women refuse breastfeeding, unwillingness to observe rather rigid, but necessary diet. All sweets, red fruit and vegetables, products changing taste of milk (onions, garlic), the products fermenting and, as a result, the increased gas generation (grapes, cabbage, bean), the citrus, all carbonated drinks, any products containing artificial dyes and fragrances are excluded from a diet of nursing mothers. It is especially important to observe such rigid diet in the first 3-5 months until digestive system of the kid is not up to the end created.

4. And, at last, rule fourth – many mothers fairly notice that after walk in the fresh air milk arrives better therefore, whenever possible, you spend more time on the street. Also you remember: breast milk is not only food of the kid, but also his protection. Therefore try to keep breastfeeding as long as possible, then your child will be cheerful and healthy.

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