How to improve memory and attention at the child

How to improve memory and attention at the child

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To the attentive kid with good memory will simply study at school. But not all children have these useful qualities therefore the attention and memory need to be developed from the earliest age.


1. Good memory is a major component of intelligence. Memory of the child is any and involuntary. And bright the kid will remember something interesting without effort - it is involuntary memory. In order that any memory earned, it is necessary to make efforts. Therefore you give all classes in light playful way.

2. Take a new toy and show it to the child, let he within a minute attentively will consider it. Then remove a toy, and ask in detail it to describe the kid: color, form, details. It is possible to ask to describe appearance and clothes of the familiar person: friend or relative.

3. Spread out several objects on a table, let the child will remember them. Then ask the kid to turn away and imperceptibly remove one thing. The child has to understand what subject is not enough on a table. This simple game trains attention of the baby.

4. It is important to develop comprehensively the child. You go with him to circus, to theater to children's performances, let him communicate with other children. During walk show and pronounce to the kid of the name of the trees which are found on your way, plants, animals and birds. Modern children well remember brands and colors of cars, bright show-windows and unusual names of streets and shops. After a campaign on a visit or usual walk ask the child: "Do you remember what color Vitya had a bicycle?" or "As call that girl with whom you played in a sandbox today?". Gradually the child will master this game, and with pleasure will remember everything happened in a day of an event to it.

5. Read together with the child of the fairy tale and stories, you learn verses and songs. It is a great way of a training of memory and expansion of an outlook. Besides, the reading children have more extensive lexicon. Will help to develop attention and concentration puzzles and various designers. Thanks to such classes in playful way you strengthen children's memory, and your kid will become more attentive and bright.

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