How to improve memory of the child

How to improve memory of the child

Parents begin to be interested in ability of the child to storing of information by the time of when time to send the child to school comes. Really, first graders often do not cope with that volume of knowledge which is presented to them at school. Especially if their memory is rather weak.

Experts note that the children attending kindergarten have the best memory and are more adapted for school, than those who did not visit preschool institutions. Alas, not each family has an opportunity to provide to the child kindergarten. Therefore it is so important to be engaged with it houses that to school his memory was developed to a maximum.

Improvement of memory of the child by means of hearing

Children's experts are sure: really bad memory occurs among children extremely seldom, most often the ability to storing is only undeveloped. Mothers and fathers can promote memory development acceleration if daily listen to the child. How often happens: the kid runs to parents to tell them something surprising according to him, and adults from him nervously wave away, justifying oneself affairs and cares. Such situation will definitely not contribute to the development of memory.

Parents have to take for the rule to daily listen to stories by the child. It is necessary to do it attentively and quietly. It is necessary to ask questions of details about the course of a monologue. For example, the kid with enthusiasm tells about a lizard which he saw in a grass, and mom on the course of a conversation specifies what color there was an animal on what hummock sat how many it had it of pads and so on. Remembering details and details of the adventure, the kid in an unostentatious form trains the memory.

Exercises for development of memory in the child

Call to the child ten words and ask it to repeat them. A half of the correct answers is considered an excellent indicator of short-term memory, eight called words speak about the developed long-term memory. If any words were not called, it is necessary to remind of them. It is desirable to carry out such simple exercise daily. It can be done at breakfast or before going to bed. Over time the kid will remember increasing number of words, then parents should complicate a little exercise, having added some more words. It is possible to train visual memory the following exercise. Ask the child to look within a minute at ten pictures. Then images need to be removed, and the child has to call them on memory. If the child has initially good results in memory tests, exercises need unambiguously to be complicated. If there are certain difficulties, it is necessary to help the child. Parents have to explain to the kid as it is simpler to remember words and objects. For example, it is possible to connect words in the short story even if also fantastic. Objects should be placed mentally in a familiar situation, for example in the room of the child. If desired and a diligence share memory at the child develops easily and quickly. Certainly, the huge contribution to this process is made by parents. Be near the children, support them and develop!

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