How to improve quality of mix

How to improve quality of mix

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Work on improvement of quality of children's mixes by producers is conducted constantly. The majority of substitutes is made on the basis of animal cow's milk, it differs from women's on structure and properties. The cow product contains protein, salts and mineral substances more, but it is less than vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates. The adapted children's mixes do also on the basis of soy protein and goat milk.


1. For artificial feeding produce dry and liquid, acidified milk and fresh formulas. Each look has the indications, shortcomings and advantages. You watch that it will be convenient to you to use not to lose as food for the kid. Liquid substitutes are stored very not for long and to dissolve dry mix, it is necessary to take clear safe water.

2. In the first two-three weeks of life of the baby give it a fresh product, and then combine acidified milk and fresh formulas. The newborn needs the quality adapted substitutes. Do not give to the kid about half a year the "subsequent formulas" calculated on children of more advanced age. Always take the mixes corresponding to age of the child.

3. Many producers offer different medical artificial substitutes, but only the pediatrician can recommend their application. Attentively read information on packing of a product. Choose the adapted mix where the level of mineral substances and protein is reduced. It is enriched with taurine and vitamins, in it the fatty acid and carbohydrate structure is optimized. It is desirable not to apply not adapted and partially adapted substitutes about a year of life of the child.

4. Ask the doctor to recommend you the mix suitable your child. But it is possible to orient also according to this information containing parameters of optimum composition of substitute of female milk. Protein – no more than 15-17 g/l; a ratio of serumal proteins and casein up to 4 months – 60:40, up to 6 months – 50:50; taurine – 40-50 g/l; cystine – 1.7 g; fat – 35-37 g/l; linoleic acid – 5-6 g/l; a carnitine – 10-15 mg/l; carbohydrates – 70-72 g/l; lactose; minerals (selenium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper); vitamins (biotin, is well-cared, an inositol, A, C, E, D, K, PP, B12, B6, B3, B2, B1, F).

5. If you nevertheless have at least a small amount of the milk, alternate artificial feeding to chest. It will provide the baby with the protective substances which are contained only in female milk.

6. Consult with the expert, do not take the first packing of baby food. Buy mix in pharmacies or large shops, do not take a product in the market.

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