How to improve sight at children

How to improve sight at children

Recently growth of number of children who have various diseases of sight is observed. It is connected with huge loadings in school, use of modern technologies for training and also carrying out leisure of school students at the computer and the TV.


1. The set of the researches conducted by ophthalmologists is devoted to a problem of restoration and maintaining sight at children. Most of them agree in opinion that maintaining sight is the complex process including observance of the mode, performance of special exercises, healthy nutrition, etc. He demands systemacity and regularity therefore parents need to control and direct this work.

2. The first that is necessary for the child with poor eyesight - it is a day regimen. It is necessary to make it so that there was time and for walks in the fresh air, and on outdoor games. Do not allow your child to see off behind watching TV of half a day. If it needs to use the computer, you watch workplace illumination and also stay duration behind the monitor screen.

3. Teach the child to sit and monitor the provision of a light source correctly. It is necessary that the surface of a notebook or the textbook was clearly visible. Do not allow the child to read at all in lying situation as load of eyes increases several times.

4. It is important to pay attention and to the child's food. As a rule, deterioration in sight especially often arises during sharp growth that occurs at the age of 10-12 years. Therefore surely include calcium in the child's diet, it not only strengthens bones, but also does not allow to be deformed to an eyeball and a retina. Besides, it is useful to use the products containing vitamin C (cranberry, blackcurrant, a dogrose) and also vitamin A (carrots, bilberry) and E (nuts, sunflower oil).

5. Perfectly helps to restore sight at children a complex of special exercises for eyes. They can be seen off even with kids. It is necessary to repeat exercises on 3-4 times a day. So, at first ask the child to blink strongly for several seconds, and then - to open eyes. It is necessary to repeat this procedure 5-6 times. Then it is necessary to blink intensively within 15-20 seconds. It is possible to finish gymnastics massage a century.

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