How to improve the child's dream

How to improve the child's dream

Healthy sleep – a component of good mood and good health, isn't it? Why the young mothers such exhausted, who were tired and hung? Because they do not get enough sleep, are in time nothing and all the time strive over the kid. All repeat that mom needs to sleep day and night together with the child it is to be restored rather after the delivery and to adapt to a new role. Mom not against, and children do not sleep. The daytime sleep is interrupted by crying, and night feedings, however, there are many councils how to improve the child's dream. Try!

It is required to you

  • The encyclopedia on child care, humidifiers, a night lamp, a toy, a pajamas, the book of fairy tales, boundless patience and love.


1. Fresh air well influences a dream of the person. Walk longer, well air the room. In the stuffy and dusty room it is heavy to fill up, the dream becomes disturbing. If air too dry – get a humidifier or the room fountainlet. When in houses include heating, most of children has a cold – the organism does not manage to get used to air change. To facilitate breath and to refresh the room, take a bathing towel, properly wet, slightly wring out and hang up on doors or on batteries.

2. Equip the place for a dream. If the kid sleeps in a bed, nothing means has to disturb him. That is no toys-squeakers-coloring should be in a bed. One subject, namely a doll or a bear with whom the child sleeps can be an exception. And sleeps daily, and the toy becomes an indispensable condition in preparation for sleeping.

3. Clothes for a dream. The child should not overheat or freeze in a dream, this the first. And the second, those clothes in which the kid sleeps should not be used in the afternoon. It is optional to buy a pajamas, it is possible to sleep in a favourite t-shirt or a baby's undershirt. Choose a blanket according to season, do not wrap up the child and do not hold down his movements.

4. Lighting. It is better to use a night lamp with the soft dissipating light at night, it is unprofitable to include big chandeliers, and without light during a certain period of the child just are afraid to sleep. It is possible to draw curtains in the afternoon, for the kid it will be as if "call" that time for a quiet time has come.

5. Silence. About night it is possible not to mention, any normal person will not get enough sleep if someone rustles. A situation with a daytime sleep - disputable. All children different, you can talk, go about the own business, watch TV, and the child will sleep. And other parents sit as mice while the child sleeps. Both options are not absolutely right, here if to combine, it will turn out remarkably.

6. Time of wakefulness has to be saturated, active games, disguise, feedings, cheerful songs, dances and the whole bag of entertainments. The tired child falls asleep with ease. Babies sleep peacefully when all their requirements are satisfied. Check that the kid was full, disguised and quiet.

7. Create tradition of withdrawal for sleeping. It includes daily rituals, such as acceptance of a bathtub, a glass of warm milk, the kind fairy tale read by mom, a favourite plush toy near by. It is so easier to be tuned into rest. In the evening, for one or one and a half hours to a dream, do not allow the child "to rage", the overexcited kid raskapriznichatsya quicker, than will fall asleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team