How to improve the relations with the small child

How to improve the relations with the small child

Education of children - one of the major questions for any mother. The child does not obey and shkodit. It would seem, here it, only crept and hallooed small and lovely, but time flies, and already three-year-old miracle rolls up hysterics, is ready to fight the head about a floor and to cry heart-rendingly to vomiting and failure of a voice. Such situation is familiar, probably, to many mothers. What to do? Let's understand what tactics will be the most correct and what really happens to children?


1. Children during a certain period of time understand that they not a single whole with mother. Begin to learn the world and to look for itself, that is to ego-trip in it. Often they do it at the expense of the closest people, the mothers. That is why with other family members or in a garden they are quieter.

2. It is necessary to remember that the child needs understanding, caress and protection. To keep calm and to distract it will be the best option.

3. To change scenery or to carry away a game, having translated everything for fun. To porychat for fun, very well helps. But it is impossible to give demanded at all, otherwise each whim will develop into a hysterics, having become a manipulation method.

4. Children very well understand everything from the smallest age. They realize that it is possible and that it is impossible. Happens and so that misunderstanding between mother and the child grows, then the kid can become reserved. The patience, sharpness, a positive and creativity of the ideas are necessary for education of the obedient child.

5. For children all life is a one big game which adults have to play by their rules. I want, I do not want, I will be, I will not be - all these whims only check you on durability. It is impossible to give in to temptation, but also to put the strict ban too. Let will satisfy terms of transaction. For example, you will receive one candy if eat up soup or will go for a walk when you wash the dishes. Such options are most favorable and develop sense of responsibility. Let the kid feel like the adult, and you will be most free. Remember - happiness of family in your hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team