How to increase a feeding up

How to increase a feeding up

The question of introduction of a feeding up to small children is interesting to all mothers. Especially laboriously information on it is studied by the young women who gave birth to the firstborn. Observe the recommendations provided in article, and you will easily cope with this period of life of the child.


1. The basic rule is gradual introduction of a feeding up. The new product is recommended to begin to be given to the child from one teaspoon. You do not hurry to increase a dose at once day by day. The organism of the kid has to get used to a product, new to itself. You watch closely the baby whether allergic reaction will begin within several days at it. If cheeks childof begin it is unnatural to redden, then exclude still new product from food. For this reason it is not recommended to include in a diet several novelties at the same time. For a small organism it can be shock.

2. The chief assistant for young mom is the pediatrician. If you only want to begin to enter a feeding up into the child's diet, at first consult to the children's doctor. He will prompt, from products of a what type it is better to begin to master the new menu. For example, to children with an excess weight the pediatricians recommend to taste vegetable puree first of all. If the child, on the contrary, thin, then he has to give porridges. Now children's doctors recommend a feeding up from six-year age.

3. Begin meal with puree and porridges, later give to the child a breast. If you acquaint the kid with a new product the first or second day, then you should not give it since the morning. Day and evening more for this purpose will approach. The consistence of a new feeding up has to be uniform, well crushed. Otherwise process of digestion of food in the child's organism considerably will be at a loss that can cause vomiting, tummy pains, vomiting and total rejection of this product.

4. It is not recommended to increase a feeding up in hot weather and also during a disease of the child. It is also not necessary to give it during the day the same product. Therefore members of household should eat up many jars with puree. Do not use salt, cooking the child food. For you the product can be fresh, but flavoring feelings of the kid absolutely others.

5. Each feeding up needs to begin to be given at the time. Study information on the schedule of introduction of any given products to the child's diet. Such data often publish in editions for mothers. Also there is a set of the websites where you will be able to study similar recommendations.

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