How to increase a lactation

How to increase a lactation

Breastfeeding – the healthiest food for the child which is thought up by the nature. However the increasing number of women is passed to feeding with mixes, motivating it with lack of milk at them. In practice it is quite possible to increase a milk lactation, for this purpose there are various ways.

It is required to you

  • - herbal teas for increase in a lactation,
  • - homeopathic medicines


1. First of all for increase in amount of the developed milk as often as possible put the kid to a breast. It is necessary to do it not only in the afternoon, but also at night. It is especially important as hormone prolactin promoting development of milk is especially actively produced exactly at night. The more the tactile contact between the child and mother during feeding, the is more at it than milk.

2. Eat variously, the menu have to include dairy products, juice and soups. There is an opinion that it is possible to increase a lactation by means of increase in caloric content of food. However full breastfeeding in day requires only over 500 calories in comparison with usual day consumption rate. Therefore abuse of condensed milk, walnuts and other similar products will entail development of an allergy in the kid and increase in excess weight in mom rather, than promotes growth of a lactation.

3. Use enough liquid. In 30 minutes prior to feeding drink a glass of hot tea. It promotes inflow of milk to a breast. It is possible to use for this purpose special products for increase in a lactation. These are grass infusions and teas from fennel, a nettle, anise. It is possible to cook these teas independently, having got the corresponding grass collecting in pharmacy. Some producers of baby food offer for mothers special instant grass infusions for increase in a lactation which allow to save time.

4. Among recommendations of how to increase a lactation, there is an intake of special homeopathic medicines like Mlekoina. They also promote growth of amount of prolactin in blood. Consult with the pediatrician about a possibility of their application. Such medicines have practically no contraindications to application and are absolutely harmless to the child.

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