How to increase amount of milk at the nursing mother

How to increase amount of milk at the nursing mother

Mother's milk — nutritious liquid which is produced by mammary glands of the woman. Milk allocates the child with immunity and regulates its growth. Milk includes: fat, protein, solids, mineral substances and lactose.


1. As often as possible try to feed child. In one feeding you feed it as long as possible.

2. In each feeding try to feed the kid with both breasts. At first offer it one breast?. Let him suck it until you hear that he swallows. After he refuses the first breast, offer him the second. The following feeding should be begun with that breast which he sucked the last, so he completely will be able to exhaust fat "back" milk.

3. The child usually actively sucks a breast within 15-30 minutes. Do not tear off the kid from a breast if he still sucks.

4. Correctly put the child to a breast: lips have to be not on a nipple, and on an areola.

5. Often change a breast if the child sluggishly sucks it.

6. Do not give to the child anything except a breast, even a dummy. If the kid needs a supplementary feeding, then give it from a spoon.

7. In this hard time do not forget about yourself. You sleep, have a rest, well eat and drink liquids more.

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