How to increase amount of milk in a breast

How to increase amount of milk in a breast

Many women nursing are disturbed by a question: whether there is enough milk for the kid? Also happens that it really is not enough. But this problem is quite solved, the main thing - patience and a positive spirit.


1. Before sounding the alarm, it is worth checking whether really the baby lacks milk. There is a simple test. Leave the kid for one day without diapers and attentively track how many times he will pee. If 10-12 times, so everything be all right, and here if only 5-6, then you really were not mistaken. If you have electronic scales for weighing of babies, it is possible to check amount of milk in one more way - to weigh the kid before feeding. Count quantity per day. It has to be 1/5 from the mass of the kid.

2. Hormone prolactin which is formed during sucking of a breast by the kid is responsible for development of milk. It is guarantee of development of milk in the next hours. By the way, most intensively this hormone is produced in an organism of the feeding mom during the period from 3 o'clock in the morning till 8 in the morning. Therefore, night feedings - a guarantee of a good and long lactation. And allocation of milk from a breast depends on other hormone - oxytocin. It is also developed when the baby sucks a breast. Therefore it is better to feed the kid not according to the schedule, and on demand.

3. The day regimen of mom is important for good development of milk. It is clear, that with the kid there are a lot of efforts, but at the same time mom has to get enough sleep. If does not seize time at night, take a nap with the kid in the afternoon. Walk with the kid not less than 2 hours a day. Drink a lot of liquid. For half an hour before feeding drink a cup of hot tea. Eat properly. The diet of the nursing mother has to be various and nutritious. In day you have to consume 700-1000 kcal more, than usually. Eat more fruit, vegetables, dairy products, do not forget also about meat.

4. After feeding it is recommended to do a shower massage according to R. to H. Zeyttsu: pour over a breast with which fed the kid warm water, massing circular motions from a nipple to the periphery and decanting milk. About massage you should not forget also out of the bathroom. Mass a breast before each feeding.

5. When feeding try that you and the baby were most undressed to reach contact "skin to skin". Relax, have a rest, it is possible to feed the kid lying in a bed. The joint dream too very well influences development of milk. But even if the kid sleeps separately, do not hurry to disaccustom him to night feeding.

6. The feeding mothers have also a set of recipes for improvement of development of milk. Still disputes do not cease - whether really all broths and juice increase amount of milk or the woman psychologically adjusts herself. And still it is worth trying: - the carrots salad filled with cream or the carrot juice mixed with milk; - nettle broth; - tea with milk; - radish juice with honey. On a half-glass of grated radish - a honey tablespoon. - to mix caraway seeds, an anise, a nettle and roots of a dandelion in equal shares, to fill in with boiled water. To accept twice a day after a meal.

7. The most important - a positive spirit and desire to nurse. Be not afraid of difficulties and not too listen to councils of people around. Of course, it is often possible to hear really useful information, but quite often women who nursed not too long, try to prove to you what it is time to finish feeding mix. Do not hurry, believe that at you everything will turn out, and quite so and will be! By scientists it is proved that if desired and diligence it is possible to restore the died-away lactation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team