How to increase appetite at the child

How to increase appetite at the child

Many parents face a widespread problem – lack of appetite at the child. Kids quite often begin to be capricious, refuse food, it is ugly to behave at a table. Therefore their parents, understanding that the state of his health directly depends on a diet and a diet of children, look for various ways as soon as possible to increase appetite at the child.

Not always it is possible to convince at once the kid to eat properly, but if you show patience and understanding, the objective will be achieved. So, what it is possible to undertake if your child it is bad to eat and is capricious at a table?

  • Try to observe a diet of the child accurately. Sometimes to increase appetite at the child, it is rather simple to refuse a habit to feed up the kid sweet or sandwiches between the main meals. Children have to acquire that meal has to occur in time which is strictly allowed for this purpose.
  • You do not feed the child on the run or in a hurry – children have to eat, sitting at a table. At the same time it is desirable not to distract the child from food games, a talk or viewing TV programs. Let meal will become for the kid the process requiring attention and concentration.
  • You do not feed children Even the most small child likes to show spirit of a contradiction therefore the refusal of food is always more probable when parents try to impose to childrenneedfood . To force the child to swallow food, accompanying notations with flashes of irritation and anger – the most ungrateful and wrong method of education of a habit to eat properly. Parents should not show the bad mood or excessive concern – it is rather simple to praise the child for good appetite. It is necessary to refuse any punishments for unfinished food.
  • You do not tease the child with stories that unfinished to them someone will get a dish to another (neighbour's children, the brother or the sister, dogs, etc.). Such phrases quite often develop greed and selfishness in children.
  • The best method of increase in appetite at the child – aspiration to the maximum variety of daily food. Even the most well-loved by the child the dish will cease to cause in it positive emotions if you train him daily. The beautiful, interestingly issued dish is quite capable to tempt at children appetite one appearance.  
  • Pay attention to how the child behaves at a table – you watch that it smeared food on a plate and scattered it on a table. The main example for children are their parents therefore try is accurately and with appetite. The kid will learn at you both good manners, and the correct relation to food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team