How to increase appetite to the child about one year

How to increase appetite to the child about one year

When breastfeeding the woman does not see how many the kid precisely ate her therefore also special experiences concerning food do not arise. But as soon as time of introduction of a feeding up approaches, mom begins to consider not eaten up by the child spoons and grams of food, remained on a plate that undoubtedly piles on the agony and not in the best way affects mood of mom and appetite of the baby.


1. Its novelty, sharp color can be reasons for refusal of the kid of food or began to smell, etc. However if the child for an appreciable length of time refuses food, it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor, perhaps, it is a signal of presence of any disease. You remember, appetite - an important indicator of the state of health of the kid. Reduce appetite also overfatigue, overheating, a condition of emotional pressure, etc.

2. First of all it is necessary to calm down and not to panic on the fact that the baby eats a little. Grams unfinished today, can be gained with surplus tomorrow, after all, the appetite of the adult changes day by day too. On medical norms the child about one year has to consume in day food in volume of 1/10 weights. Whether your kid eats enough, you can calculate by a formula: the number of meals * food volume for one feeding = 1/10 weights of the baby.

3. To increase appetite to the kid aged about one year, it is necessary to conform to the rules of introduction of a feeding up strictly. Begin introduction of a new product about ½ teaspoons, gradually increasing the volume of portions. Quantity of a vegetable feeding up at the age of 7-8 months – 80 g, in 9-12 months - 120 grams. At a time enter something one, passing gradually to a combination of products. Introduction of a new dish should be postponed in case of a disease of the kid, during vaccination, change of a situation and other adverse factors. Observation of reaction to a new product is carried out within 7-10 days, at this time watch skin, a chair and the general health of the baby. If the kid badly reacts to a feeding up, it is necessary to refuse it for a while and to consult with the doctor. Begin a feeding up with vegetables at the age of 4.5 months if the kid on the mixed feeding; with 6 mesyatsnv – for those who on breastfeeding. After introduction of vegetables it is possible to start acquaintance to fruit, and from 8 months – with meat. Now pediatricians recommend to enter egg into a feeding up closer by a year.

4. Not to force down appetite of the baby, conform to simple Regulations of Admission of food: - not to allow having a snack between meals and not to overload the child with drink; - not to break a diet: meal in certain hours promotes rhythmical work of digestive system; - you feed the child in a quiet situation and in good mood; - do not entertain the kid at meal time: so the child eats, without noticing some food; - more often be in the fresh air, allow the kid "to work up" appetite; - use bright tableware and plateaus, periodically changing them for new; - closer by a year when the kid already grew up and actively joins in communication process, eat together with it what he eats, and at the same time show how to you it is tasty.

5. Appetite - business thin, but that to support him place emphasis on usefulness, but not quantity of eaten. The food which is independently cooked from natural products - is useful and nutritious. It provides an organism with energy long enough.

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