How to increase immunity of the child

How to increase immunity of the child

At most of modern small children the considerable easing of immunity is observed. Especially it concerns the kids living in the large cities. The decrease in immunity reasons the child can have a set: bad ecology, improper feeding and day regimen, even heredity. It is a lot of also ways that to increase children's immunity.


1. It is the best of all to begin care of immunity of the child with revision of its day regimen which needs to be adjusted according to age of the kid, his requirements and opportunities. Parents just should observe for the tot and to determine for him certain time for food and rest. The interval between feedings should not be less than 2.5 hours, it is necessary for a children's organism for digestion of food so much. The disorder in a day regimen is the frequent reason of stresses, nervous breakdowns and decrease in protective forces of an organism.

2. Healthy nutrition — guarantee of health of the kid. In infancy the antibodies which are contained in breast milk of mom are capable to form immunity of the child. Very responsibly it is necessary to treat introduction of a feeding up and to watch closely how the children's organism will react to a new product. The menu of the child has to be varied, only high-quality and fresh products can be its part. Obligatory components of a diet of baby food: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables. No fast food in the menu of the child should be.

3. It is essential to weaken immunity of the kid the lack of the movement is capable. Therefore at children it is necessary to stimulate physical activity, to play with them outdoor games more often, to go hiking, do daily exercises. Excellent means for increase in immunity: scooter, rollers, bicycle, ball and jump rope.

4. The hardening of a children's organism begun with the birth perfectly increases immunity. All procedures have to be regular, gradual and consecutive. The most popular procedures of hardening of children are air bathtubs, douche, swimming. You should not create for the kid of hothouse conditions and to muffle up him in warm clothes if air temperature suddenly went down by couple of degrees.

5. Good rest and a sweet dream is very important for increase in immunity of the child. Approximately for an hour to a dream with the kid it is necessary to stop playing active games, having passed to quieter pastime.

6. And in general, physical health of the kid directly depends on the general atmosphere in family. For this reason the children who are growing in love and feeling protected are ill much less often than kids whose parents treat them with some indifference.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team