How to increase immunity of the kid

How to increase immunity of the kid

Young parents often buy many expensive drugs for the kid. Not always it is about strongly sick child. Happens, as on rather healthy mom spends large sums in pharmacy. To avoid it, it is necessary to increase immunity.

In 1 year of life of the baby all forces of parents need to be directed to laying of the base of strong immunity. The bulk of children is born with a large supply of health which is quickly spent because of the wrong treatment.

Any child sometimes is ill. Cold with cold and cough – the widespread phenomenon among children. There are some recommendations in order that it is less money to spend for children's drugs. The speech at the same time goes about various colds. In case of serious pathologies the doctor has to write out the list of all necessary medicines.

For a start, parents should calm down. Panic at the slightest sneeze at the kid always pushes on rash actions. And young mothers (especially firstborns) are very inclined to be reinsured. If the child begins to get sick a little, it is not necessary to run behind expensive drugs at once. At first it is necessary to allow a children's organism to overcome an infection most.

Same concerns temperature. There is no need to force down not strongly high. Up to 38.5 degrees – it is quite admissible for the kid. So the immunity of the child works, it is not necessary to disturb it. Besides febrifugal are not absolutely safe medicines, it is necessary to apply them only at urgent need.

For increase in immunity of the kid, it is necessary to refrain from campaigns with it in crowded places: to shops, exhibitions, etc. From stay in the big mass of people the baby will take out nothing useful, and here his it can affect the health very strongly. The first 6 months you should not take the child somewhere.

Well will help the child to remain healthy – hardening. Its forms can be absolutely different depending on preferences of parents. Someone for these purposes visits a paddling pool, someone pours cold water. Obligatory daily walks on the street during any season too perfectly help to raise immunity of the child. The benefit the modern range of clothes allows to pick up suitable things both for a frost, and for a rain.  

Other moment which parents should treat very seriously, - statement of inoculations. The decision whether to put an inoculation to the child, has to be based on opinion of the pediatrician to which parents trust, and a condition of the kid always. It is visible only to mom whether the child was unwell or quite well feels. Whereas doctors often chase indicators, without paying attention to contraindications to an inoculation at the specific child at present. The responsible attitude in this question will help parents to minimize possible negative consequences, and respectively – to strengthen health of the child.

Important condition of health and increase in immunity of the kid – healthy nutrition. For the baby – this maternal milk, and for the grown-up child – the balanced diet with a large number of vegetables and fruit. Berry fruit drinks also well help to saturate a children's organism with vitamins which will help it with fight against an infection.

In health issues of the child the parents have to be always responsible and reasonable. A cold reasoning on what will be useful for their child - the best assistant in strengthening of immunity. Keeping calm and consulting with the good pediatrician to whom they trust, young mom and dad will be able to keep the natural potential of immunity of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team