How to increase literacy of the child

How to increase literacy of the child

There are children who from the very beginning of training in the letter practically do not make mistakes. Teachers praise them, and parents of less competent schoolmates hold up as an example to the children and hope, as their child will learn to write so well and correctly as the honors pupil Tanya. Meanwhile only one example of the neighbor in a school desk here insufficiently. It is possible to develop feeling for language at the child, but the package of measures for this purpose is required.

It is required to you

  • - books;
  • - computer with the text editor;
  • - account in social network;
  • - "Erudite" and other games with letters;
  • - collection of outdoor games on attention;
  • - desktop and printing games;
  • - teacher of a foreign language.


1. See notebooks of the child and try to classify his mistakes. They are from carelessness, because, that the child badly remembered some rules of spelling, but there can be violations of the speech or nervous activity. Quite often the dyslexia is the reason of illiteracy. Even the adult often makes on the letter the same mistakes, as in oral speech. For example, he constantly replaces one vowel another, and speaks likewise. Instead of "ы" he says "at" or "about", confuses concordants. In this case there can be enough several visits to the logopedist. But consultation of the neuropathologist or children's psychologist can be required.

2. Develop phonemic hearing of the child. If you to school did not make sound models of words - it is a high time to be engaged in it. Explain to him what sounds exist and as they are designated on the letter. Not all words are written as are heard, and the child has to acquire this difference.

3. If there are no violations of the speech, but there is an obvious carelessness, try to save the school student from this shortcoming. There are many games of attention, and it is possible to carry out them at any time, including on walk. Pick up such during which each participant will accurately have to perform a task. It can be classics when it is necessary to observe strictly the sequence of movements, exercises with a jump rope, with a ball. Do not neglect verbal and desktop and printing games when it is necessary to count precisely, for example, quantity of steps or to call the city on that letter on which the name of previous comes to an end. Purchased or self-made games with letters can greatly help you, it seems "Make a word" or "Erudite". The task is clear to the child, and he will involuntarily seek to make words correctly.

4. Try to acquaint the child with reading. Not all children love books, however in this situation the computer or the device for reading e-books can help out you very much. Many modern children more willingly perceive the text from the screen, than from paper pages. Especially as the necessary work can very often be found in the Internet rather, than in library. If to follow rules of hygiene, then the computer will not do any harm to sight of the child.

5. Put the text editor with spellchecking. Explain to the child that the program checks him, but it also can sometimes be mistaken. It can be learned, but for this purpose it is necessary most to know for sure how any given word is written. Be not afraid that your pupil will get used to rely on the program. Anyway you thus make active his visual memory, and spelling of many words he will remember automatically.

6. Also some computer games, like "Field of wonders" can help. In them it is necessary to guess the conceived word. But it is possible to define it only when you know how it is written. Such games can be held also by means of the sheet of paper and a pencil.

7. Be not afraid of social networks. Of course, the page of the child and his contacts need to be controlled. You easily it will manage if you own the computer better than your kid. Try to provide to the school student such circle of contacts in which it is accepted to write competently. Explain that social networks exist not only to chat with the neighbor in a school desk. It is possible to get advice with any teacher, for example. It is especially important if the child is seriously keen on something and he has questions which he would like to set to the competent person. Teach him to check the messages. Explain where it is possible to find dictionaries in the Internet and as to use them.

8. Send the child to a circle of a foreign language. Mastering logic of the speech, unfamiliar for it, it subconsciously will begin to comprehend also the phenomena of the native language, difficult for it. People who since childhood know several languages usually have no problems with literacy. Even if your pupil will not have down to a science English or French, the gained knowledge will never be superfluous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team