How to increase the fat content of breast milk

How to increase the fat content of breast milk

Breastfeeding – guarantee of normal development and growth of the child. It will not be replaced by no modern mixes. That the kid profited also good nutrition, it is necessary to increase milk fat content.

How to distinguish the insufficient fat content of milk?

Young mummies often experience nervousness concerning nutritiousness of the milk. The main signs of reduced fat content are: - the child begins to lag behind in weight;

- the kid is often put to mother's breast; - at decantation, milk has a bluish shade.

The percentage of fat is influenced by many factors. For example, it can be heredity, poor nutrition, an emotional condition of the feeding woman, etc.

Ways of increase in fat content of milk

For high-quality feeding of the child breast milk it is necessary to follow simple rules. The first rule. Before feeding decant a small amount of milk as "front" milk less high-calorie and waterier. If the child did not reach "back" milk, he hungers. The second rule. During feeding massage mammary glands to stimulate development of fat milk. As a rule, kids like to finger a maternal breast at meal time. The third rule. Let's the baby be sated with milk. Some mummies take away through a certain period. The child himself has to finish feeding. The fourth rule. Do not change a breast during one feeding as to the kid only "front" milk arrives. If there is a feeling of emptiness in iron, do not take away the child. During this period "back" milk continues to be allocated, and the kid receives the most valuable and nutritious portion. The fifth rule. At insufficiently high fat content of milk reduce an interval between meals. It is considered that frequent applying of the baby promotes increase in nutritious properties. The sixth rule. Reconsider own food allowance. It is wrong to consider that fat dishes in the form of animal fats it is useful for the kid. Undoubtedly, it kaloriyno for the woman, but can negatively affect health of the child. Exclude products with a large amount of trans-fats as they perniciously affect useful properties of milk. It is necessary to include sea fish, nuts as these products increase fat content without harm for internals of a small organism. The seventh rule. Avoid stressful situations and emotional overloads as the condition of nervous system directly influences the fat content and amount of the allocated milk. The full-fledged dream and regular rest is also necessary.

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