How to increase the probability of the birth of twins

How to increase the probability of the birth of twins

The birth of twins is the happiness increased in two. Many parents are convinced that it is rather difficult to conceive twins, and the result depends on a number of genetic predispositions. The modern medicine claims that the probability of birth of twins is influenced not only by gene predisposition, but also a set of other factors of the external environment, in particular: climatic conditions, food, intake of medications and many other things.


1. If in a maternal sort the woman had cases of the birth of twins, then the risk of conception of twins increases. The woman is more senior, the it is more than chances of development of polycarpous pregnancy. Most often it is age 30 - 40, the probability of conception is increased twice. Big percent of probability of polycarpous pregnancy at repeatedly giving birth women. Use of the special medications increasing chances of conception of twins needs to be carried out only under control of the attending physician. It is caused by the fact that the organism can simply be not ready to incubation of polycarpous pregnancy that is connected with risks of an abortion and is extremely hazardous to health of the woman.

2. Today the only way to become parents of twins is ECO. The technique is constructed thus: the doctor, impregnates several ova at once, increasing the probability of birth of twins several times. In traditional medicine from time immemorial was considered that to origin of two kids only the clean, healthy female body is capable. The modern medicine completely maintains this wisdom. For incubation of polycarpous pregnancy the constitution of the woman has to be strong, and young mom not to have addictions. The healthy, balanced nutrition rich with proteinaceous and dairy products will help to increase chances of conception of twins. Shortly before planning of pregnancy include walnuts, eggs, grain crops in the diet.

3. And the most important is a confidence that you will be able to become pregnant, give rise and bring up long-awaited twins. Only in this case the nature will present you happiness in the form of two charming kids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team