How to insert an exhaust tube to the child

How to insert an exhaust tube to the child

The exhaust tube can use if the kid is disturbed by gases, locks, belly-aches. Ask the children's doctor or the nurse to explain to you as it is correct to choose and use this adaptation.

It is required to you

  • - exhaust tube of the necessary size;
  • - vaseline.


1. Get an exhaust tube only in pharmacy, in undisturbed packing. Its diameter depends on age of the kid, for newborns take adaptation with numbers 15 and 16 (smallest). The sizes of a tube 17 and 18 have the large diameter and an additional third hole sideways. On packing usually write both an article number, and age of the baby which will suit this tubule.

2. Before application the exhaust tube needs to be boiled. Let's it cool down, oil the rounded-off opening boiled vegetable, vaseline or children's cream. Wash up hands with soap, it is possible to put on sterile thin gloves. Put on a plain surface, for example, on a table a flannelette blanket, lay an oilcloth, and on it a diaper.

3. The newborn it is necessary to put on a back, and is more senior than the child – on the left flank. Accurately press legs of the kid to a stomach. To babies you enter an exhaust tube not further than on three-four centimeters. To the child since a year - is not deeper than five-six centimeters. Make the corresponding mark in a tubule not to injure intestines of the kid.

4. Calm the baby that he relaxed. If he cries, tight muscles will not allow to enter a tubule without serious consequences. Stroke the child's tummy with circular motions clockwise. Slightly and smoothly make legs of the kid "bicycle". All these actions will facilitate and will accelerate an otkhozhdeniye of gases when you insert a tubule. Accurately rotary motions you enter an exhaust tube into an anus on the specified distance.

5. Hold adaptation that it did not drop out. Slightly move a tubule that gases departed easier. The procedure has to last about five-ten minutes. All this time you do not depart from the child. When stool and gases come out, the kid it is necessary to wash away, and carefully to wash up an exhaust tube.

6. To reuse an exhaust tube it is allowed only in 3-4 hours. Try to do without it, you feed the child correctly, observe the mode, do massage.

7. It is better before putting an exhaust tube to the kid the first time, to observe this work performed by the nurse or the doctor. If you make something not so, wounds of a mucous rectum of the child and the subsequent bleedings are possible.

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