How to inspire in the child self-confidence

How to inspire in the child self-confidence

The diffident child also so strongly suffers, and sneers of peers and continuous reproaches of parents in addition humiliate him. How to force the little pessimist to cease to lose courage?


1. The frequent mistake of parents is that they praise the child only for eyes, telling friends and acquaintances what he good, clever, well-mannered and so forth, but forget to tell the same to him. Moreover, he does not hear from lips of parents anything, except remarks, and even guesses that before others it is in every possible way praised. Think whether it is impossible to praise at least sometimes the kid at him?

2. The children's sense of humour has the features. The adult will hardly take offense if to playfully call him, say, the little fool - he will understand on intonation that the interlocutor pronounces this word not seriously. The child is more straightforward - the similar joke can give to him a deep sincere wound. You do not joke so with children.

3. Other reason of children's diffidence - a constant reminder of truisms. Phrases "correct a collar", "brush the hair", "do not forget to eat a breakfast", "sit at a school desk directly", the son or the daughter sounding every day before a visit of school, yours can perceive as "you are a fool, constantly you forget everything, you should remind everything". Similar reminders are capable to enrage even the adult and furthermore - the child.

4. Of course, not only parents can be the cause of diffidence. The imbalance in progress when the school student very well is given some disciplines can sometimes cause it, but on others he studies awfully. Explain to the child that God gives to people different talents because differently the surplus of some experts and a lack of others would turn out. But nevertheless help it to understand those objects in which it is not strong.

5. To overpraise the child - other extreme. Never you speak to him neither that it is the worst nor that it is the best of all. Bring up from it the realist: tell that it surpasses peers only in certain areas a little, and those, in turn, are stronger than it in others. Give concrete examples: "Masha well plays the piano (sings, draws, writes compositions, dances, equalizes chemical reactions), but you remarkably build models of the ships (you burn out, you solve problems of physics, you program, you play basketball, you read in German)". Inspire in it that it, as well as at any other person, has the niche, the purpose.

6. Be not afraid that out-of-school education will cause a lack of time for preparation of lessons - practice shows that the children visiting circles cope also with homeworks quite often better. The child has to choose a circle itself, according to the preferences. Imposing to it occupation in which he will suffer continuous failures does not promote strengthening of self-confidence. Hobby in which it completely will prove considerably will raise its self-assessment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team