How to interest children in study

How to interest children in study

To knowledge each child has an informative motivation or aspiration. But at excellent students it is in current state, and at poor students and mediocre pupils – in suppressed. Also parents, and only occasionally teachers suppress this motivation most often. If you want to interest the child in study, it is necessary to change own behavior. There are several ways it to make.


1. Use the slogan "Knowledge — Force". You have to convince the child that knowledge makes him stronger, add to him opportunities to operate the world and to receive the desirable. In addition to the stories look for literary works, movies which clever men win against strong. The child has to understand that knowledge – the main way to achieve in life of the fact that you want.

2. Forbid belittling of intellectuals in family. A talk on subjects it seems "Wrote the thesis on cybernetics, and now sells carrot in the market" better to conduct not in the presence of the child. Knowledge, intelligence, the diploma is only means, but not end in itself. And from the fact that someone from your acquaintances could not use them to settle in life, knowledge does not become less valuable. You give better examples of successful people which by means of a good education and knowledge could reach much in this life.

3. You transfer process of training to a game. Except global approach to belief of the child in the value of knowledge, it is important and to interest at the private level him in training. Each child has interests. Someone is keen on horses, someone – dinosaurs, someone – trains. It is possible to use favourite objects of the kid for games on training. Let's tell, the fan of horses can solve mathematical problems about horses, write about them compositions or make dialogues in English.

4. You praise aspirations of the child to knowledge. Do not wave away with irritation from questions, buy books on the interesting its topic, you watch together the training movies. There is no need to abuse the child for misses, you say to him that all make mistakes on the way to the truth. You praise any achievements which the child found on the way to knowledge. It will help you to interest him in study even more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team