How to interest the child in a game

How to interest the child in a game

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Game – the most important type of independent activity of children contributing to their physical and mental development. To interest the child in a game – means, to teach to play him with pleasure. The lack of interest is most often connected not only with lack of toys, but also with inability and ignorance of children as to use these toys in a game.

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1. Surely show to the two-year-old kid as it is necessary to roll the machine or to build a turret of cubes. At this age they play with household objects which are seen in hands of mom or dad and try to use them directly. For a subject game buy the small iron, the vacuum cleaner, the hammer, phone and other objects which you use constantly. While you do housework, the child will play near you.

2. Play with the kid of 3-4 years pair games since interest in a game appears only with the playing partner. For example, the adult – the doctor, and the child – the patient (or brings the daughter on appointment). The adult has an opportunity to show to the child as it is necessary to use any given medical tools and also what they can be replaced with if there is no necessary: a pencil instead of the thermometer, a pin instead of a small bottle with milk for the daughter.

3. Organize a subject game with children of 5-6 years, help to pick up game attributes and watch actions of players since often deployment of a plot is demanded by corrections from the adult: physical punishment, a quarrel between parents. Or just distract from this story by means of board games. Suggest to be engaged together in board game, acquaint with rules. Allow to develop new rules for a game, to agree on them with other players.

4. Begin to play a subject game with the child who refuses games, finding for themselves classes in other type of activity. It is necessary to define the interests of the preschool child and to organize a game with a support on them. For example, the sluggish child cannot play a game of tag, but writes verses and draws to them illustrations. Play with him library or bookstore, issue the book of its author's verses. Other children immediately will be near, and someone from them will surely want to play together with you.

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