How to interest the child to learn letters

How to interest the child to learn letters

It is known that to be able to read the child can learn literally from the cradle (namely about one year). And the earlier to undertake training, the less it will be required work and time, and process of training will bring huge joy to all its participants. However most of mothers continue to doubt themselves or the child.

Training as game

There is a set of productive techniques of training of the child in reading. But the most important that unites them everything is what has to be trained in the course of the game. At once you can leave instructive tone, a mask of the school teacher and fear that at you nothing will turn out. Remember, all children are equally ingenious, it is necessary only to help them to disclose the abilities in time. And it is the best of all to do it easy and cheerfully playing with the child.

How to play

So, if you set as an object not to adhere to any certain technique of training in reading, and just for a start to master the alphabet, then before you the vast field for activity opens. First, it is worth getting a set of plastic letters and the abc-book. The last has to have as little as possible the distracting pictures, and letters have to be accurately traced. It is possible to play with plastic letters in one thousand ways. It is very healthy if you with it are helped by a favourite toy of the child or specially bought (sewed) toy mitten. It can hide two-three bukvochka under pillows (kerchiefs, pieces of paper), and then to look for and find them, calling them and expressing at the same time rough joy. You should not stand still even if you are not sure that the child already learned all letters. The set from two-three letters can be changed every day, moving away one and adding new on its place. The same toy can be engaged with the child according to the abc-book, with delight learning the same letters on two-three turns that you passed today or passed recently. It is worth using also what all children like to shkodit therefore if the toy does the things causing fervent laughter in your child in success of training you can not doubt. The main thing that letters at the same time did not recede into the background and were always at the child very famous.

It is worth being engaged gradually. It is necessary to switch to other game until as it will become boring for the child. Otherwise next day he can simply refuse classes. One more important rule in training is the schedule. Even if you have no opportunity to be engaged in certain time, take away for classes the period right after a breakfast or to a lunch dream. However the child before classes has to be in good mood therefore the kid should not be sleepy yet. You should not be engaged and when the child is ill or shows obvious unwillingness to play this moment. Postpone a game for couple of days, wait for good mood and safely start. Very important when studying letters that they surrounded the child everywhere. So, passing by shop, pay its attention to the sign, especially to familiar letters. Same concerns backs of books, numbers of cars, price tags in shops, inscriptions in policlinic, etc. It will be very useful to decorate the children's room with cards with capital letters or to paste special stickers on children's furniture. Only avoid to hang out all alphabet at once, be limited to 5-10 letters. Also every morning it is possible to begin, drawing on an easel or in an album a new letter which you plan to add today. Or to enclose to the child under a pillow an envelope or a sack with a new letter.

How to check

It is strictly forbidden to check the kid after each occupation. Even the most small children do not take out checks, especially if in their process they feel your disappointment or irritation. But if you are engaged two weeks and just it cannot wait to understand that all classes are not vain, carry out an inspection also in the course of the game. For example, having spread out two-three letters before the child, you or a toy can compete with the kid who the first will grab the called letter. At the same time, even if the child will be mistaken, you need to correct carefree him and, having shown right option, to continue a game. If the kid is more senior than two years, as check also the toy, perhaps another purposely can be mistaken. Showing on one letter, she will call another. It is important that both were familiar to the child, then the kid will surely want to correct the friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team