How to interest the child

How to interest the child

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Any business is argued if it is interesting to person to carry out it. In order that the child achieved progress in one form or another of activity, it is necessary to carry away him, first of all.

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1. Think, than you want to interest the child and as far as this occupation it is attractive to you. It is much easier for parents who are seriously keen on something to interest the child in the favourite business as children have property to copy behavior of adults. Treat the chosen type of activity seriously, regardless of that, music it, sport or study. Let the child know that also adults are engaged in this type of activity. You go with it to concerts, exhibitions and competitions, discuss the events. Do it regularly.

2. If the child not really is interested in the business offered him, try to give classes in playful way. To attract interest in any science, there is a set of riddles, puzzles, cheerful unusual tasks and experiments. It is possible to choose games for future musicians it seems "What sounds", "Guess what song", "Recognize by a rhythm", "Repeat a melody". Be not afraid to include competition elements in a game. You teach the child to find independently answers to the questions raised in a task. Thus he will understand that the more you know — the it is easier to find a solution.

3. Suggest the child most to find entertaining tasks and puzzles, to think up a new game or an interesting experiment. If it is about an experiment, surely ask that the child wants to define or prove with his help.

4. Put before yourself and the child of a task which performance demands rather long time. It can be learning of a sports element, the piece of music or simple observation of changes of weather. Regularly you sum up the intermediate results. Surely note that the child already learned to throw a ball in a ring, standing almost under a board, and it needed to be trained very little to get to a ring from the average line. Scale learned today very much is useful for execution of the pleasant play. Constantly explain to the child why any given technique is necessary. You teach it to explain independently what needs to be made for performance of any given task and also to find the most optimum ways.

5. You teach the child to lose and not to be afraid of failures. Surely sort why and that at him did not turn out. Discuss ways which it is possible to perform any given task to achieve success. Set tasks for the future. Today at you the jump because you incorrectly made a start did not turn out, try to make it differently. If you are trained, at you by all means everything will turn out.

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