How to interest the man in inner world

How to interest the man in inner world

The attractive appearance and stylish clothes is, undoubtedly, well, however for the serious relations with the intellectual male it is necessary to have rich inner world.

How to disclose the inner world?

To have rich inner world, it is necessary to read as much as possible, it is desirable classical literature, to watch informative telecasts. Besides, you have to be positive and benevolent, not deny assistance to relatives, communicate with interesting people, is more often be published.

Try to visit theaters, the museums, cultural actions, to travel and strike up new acquaintances. Remember that night clubs and cafe will not be able to fill your inner world. To become the interesting and clever person, try to learn every day something new, to find interesting hobbies which will bring joy.

How to interest a certain man?

For a start it is necessary to find out everything about its hobby and interests and to meet a lack in the knowledge. If your elect - the journalist, it is necessary to be aware of the latest news if he is a teacher, try to focus on one subject, and for communication with musicians, artists, writers it is just necessary to understand styles, the directions and the latest events in the world of art. Find out about all smallest details about his hobby, it will be remarkable if you with it have as much as possible common interests. Also the ability to listen, be interested in affairs of the beloved, to discuss with it news is important. Ask opinion of the man on all important questions. But you should not strain it a negative if the man is interested in your affairs, it is not necessary to throw out on it all problems. It is healthy if there is an opportunity to go to a travel is an excellent chance to approach, show the knowledge to history and geography, to brighten up the road an interesting talk, to discuss features of architecture, kitchen and local traditions. Having flashed knowledge, you for certain will disclose the rich inner world before the man. It is necessary to be benevolent with his relatives, to show interest in their affairs. If fall in love with his pet, then help younger sister, do not forget to congratulate mom with holidays. Communicate with friends of your man more often and do not refuse to him joint issues. You joke and show wit. However it is worth watching words, it is not necessary to joke on sore subjects at all. Do surprises and you give gifts with sense. The man love mysteriousness therefore hints that he is waited by something interesting and various games will only stir his interest. The most important that you have to remember - it is not necessary to change, encyclopedic knowledge, the learned phrases and acts on display will frighten off the guy rather and will spoil the impression which developed about you.

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