How to interpret a dream about a kiss

How to interpret a dream about a kiss

It is possible to interpret a dream about a kiss if to consider the attitude towards that to whom there was a kiss, its age, etc. The great value takes place where sleeping kissed the partner and vice versa.


1. To interpret a dream about a kiss, it is necessary to pay attention to a situation which was in a dream, age and appearance of the person which you kissed. The kiss is not only reflection of feeling, but also the sign of reconciliation or association with something.

2. If in a dream you are kissed by mother or the father, people close to you will surround you with care and attention and if you are kissed by the beloved, it promises you fast separation from it or his treason. Your initiative to kiss him says that your feelings will be mutual. If in a dream you see how to you the gallant gentleman kisses a hand, be in reality ready not to miss chance to grow rich. Carefully think over the further actions. If the kiss happened to the stranger in night-time or in the dark room, such dream can be interpreted as unreasonable expenditure of money for the sake of the person whose love sleeping so tries to obtain. Such dream promises to men imminent danger and libertinism.

3. If in a dream you kiss the brother or the sister – your communications with friends will be firm more than ever, and to mutual pleasure of both parties. And if in your dream children kiss, your work will bring you satisfaction, and the harmony and rest will reign in family. If in a dream you kissed the enemy, in reality reconcile with the friend. Manifestation of feelings of this sort in relation to the business partner promises full mutual understanding.

4. A dream in which someone tries to obtain your favor and you hesitate to reciprocate to it, speaks about gossips under construction and intrigues around you and warns that you need to behave more modestly. If you see the darling kissing the rival or the competitor, you should go to the big victims not to fall face down in "dirt" in his or her eyes. If in the dream you are put by lips to a hand of any person, in reality you will have an influential patron who will take part in your destiny. If on the contrary, you feel someone's lips on the hand, you will have an admirer.

5. The dream about a kiss of the dead can be interpreted as a presage of misfortune and even death. If in a dream of your cheek touch the child's lip – be ready to new cares and disorders. To kiss a cross means that you will be disappointed in the loved one. The dream in which sent you an air-kiss can be interpreted as receiving news from the loved one. If similar manifestation of feelings in a dream does not cause in you positive emotions but only only disgust, be attentive to the health. If in the dream you kissed the baby, in reality long will look much younger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team