How to involve the child in study

How to involve the child in study

Sometimes occurs so that to the child it becomes suddenly uninteresting to study. Instead of later the strengthened preparation immediately to begin to shake all by school progress, he does not hear the teacher, often distracts, becoming at lessons sluggish, thinking of something special. How to involve the child in classes, to return him desire to study?


1. As a rule, any problem it is easier to warn. That the child had a desire to study, he has to be able to do it. And it is necessary to develop in it this ability since early childhood. Remember that preparation for school consists not only in training in reading and the account. Besides it is necessary to lay the foundation in development in the child and other skills: desire to learn new, to be interested and ask questions, to think most, creative imagination. Therefore since early childhood encourage inquisitiveness of the child, help it to find answers questions, deriving from it pleasure. Thereby you will contribute to the development in it of the mental ability, the most significant to the person. Sending the kid with the numerous questions interesting him to dad, the grandmother, etc., you discourage at it to get knowledge.

2. If a problem it was not succeeded to warn, at its emergence try to understand its real reasons. It is interesting to child to study where there is something important for him. He cannot well master the subject given it in an uninteresting form. Often because of it interest in study at pupils vanishes. Here parents should work and show imagination. Try to teach the child to get the joy of knowledge new. Make so that process of training for the school student was an adventure, a game. Do not force and do not punish the child, interest and encourage, you praise for the shown interest, and not just for results. Help the child to perform homework if something is impossible to it. Explaining material, find interesting examples, "run" forward and touch upon a new subject a little – try to cause in it curiosity.

3. Perhaps, the child was tired physically and emotionally. Exempt him from additional classes in sports section for some time. Find more time for walks in the fresh air and to joint communication: watch some good movie, esteem, build together the plane or a lodge.

4. Discuss the arisen problem with the teacher to hear opinion from outside, to understand the reasons. Perhaps at the child it is impossible to adjust communication with schoolmates and teachers. Penetrate into a key part of the problem, address psychologists to try to correct a situation. In case of failure you transfer the child to other class or school.

5. Do not forget that the need for love – one of fundamental needs of the person, especially it concerns the child. Give him as much as possible love and attention, despite the estimates received at school. At the child the hostility to itself develops if constantly to abuse him and to inspire that he behaves badly. And it in much bigger degree, than any other psychological problem, prevents training, love and life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team