How to issue a children's table

How to issue a children's table

As soon as parents shift, trying to feed the child: and play the plane flying to a hangar, and for dad, for mom eat, and children persistently do not want to eat useful, but not really tasty, according to them, I go. However there are parents who succeeded in this case much more. Their secret is simple: it is necessary to make children's dishes attractive, and children will eat them without coercion. In a word, arm with imagination, and we will prompt some ideas to you.


1. It would seem, to force the child to eat milk porridge it can do only to the wizard. But if you accurately pour it, and from above from candied fruits lay out an amusing muzzle. Then near a plate put sandwich from the cheese which is cut out in the form of Sponge Bob. You will make fresh cocktail, having shaken up in the blender fruit with milk or natural yogurt. That you very much are surprised that on a table in a few minutes there will be dirty ware.

2. The set of original children's dishes can be made of eggs, for example a dish "A fungus in the forest". That 2 portions turned out, take 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 2 bags of black tea and a bunch of greens. Boil eggs and clean. In the same water in which they cooked make strong tea. Put tea leaves on fire and put in it one cooked and peeled egg. Boil minute. Egg has to find beautiful brown color. Now it is possible to pass to registration of a children's dish. Make the small nest imitating a grass of greens put in it white egg which will become a mushroom leg, cut brown egg, take out a yolk and set up a half on egg in a nest. At you the fungus which is very similar to real already turned out. Near a nest put mayonnaise and strew it with a half of the crumbed yolk. Make the second fungus of the remained ingredients.

3. The separate conversation is deserved by salads. Organizing a children's table, it is the best of all to put salads not in one big salad bowl, and a la carte: or in small drinking bowls, or in edible tartlets. The second option is more preferable. Edible ware (tartlets) can be bought, and it is possible to bake independently. For this purpose it is enough to get puff pastry. Roll and cut it on small squares (party of 6-7 cm). Cut a half of squares on diagonal cross-wise, not dorezy up to the end, put these squares on integral, already greased with egg, and unbend the turned-out corners from within a knaruzha. Again grease a semi-finished product with egg, pierce the middle a fork that it did not rise, and put in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps for 20 minutes. Tartlets are ready. Now it was necessary to spread out salads in tasty plateaus and to decorate from above with the figures of animals or insects which are cut out from vegetables or fruit. You will not drag children from the dish issued thus for ears.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team