How to issue a holiday in kindergarten

How to issue a holiday in kindergarten

Holidays - an important factor in education of esthetic taste at preschool children. They help to develop also inquisitiveness, activity of children, promote unity of children's collective. One of the main components of holidays in kindergarten is well thought over, bright and interesting registration.


1. Distribute obligations for registration of a holiday in kindergarten between the staff of preschool institution and parents of pupils. Simple instructions can be given also to children: it is also important to them to realize and see the role in holding a festive action. Children can prepare, for example, drawings or hand-made articles on some certain subject or to make New Year's toys for registration of a fir-tree. The tutor, giving tasks to children, surely has to consider their age opportunities or previously on classes in labor education acquaint children with production of any hand-made articles.

2. If you plan to organize in the Holiday of Fall group, in advance conduct with children a tour to the park: collect cones, leaflets, flowers, branches, etc. for production of herbariums and hand-made articles from natural materials. Organize an exhibition of children's creative works during this festive action. If you manage to make during walk with pupils interesting photos or to organize video filming, then prepare the computer presentation or a photo exhibition. On video children can tell about the natural phenomena, read verses on fall or sing songs.

3. Teach children to draw maple leaflets at a manual training. Cut out them and decorate with them not only group, but also dresses of children. It will allow you to create a bright picture of an autumn time.

4. Prepare also posters about fall. Use not typographical products, and executed by hands of your children. Help them with creation of posters, for example, in a selection of the necessary illustrative or information material (or charge to parents to help children with this work). Preschool children like to consider posters on which, besides interesting data, there are various competitive tasks: crossword puzzles, rebuses, riddles, charades, etc.

5. Create indoors illusion of an autumn forest clearing. For this purpose it is possible to use the mushrooms which are in advance made of cardboard, a papier-mache and other materials, penechka, bushes, etc. If in your preschool institution there are toys (chanterelles, hares, bear cubs), seat them on the improvised forest clearing. You can organize some dramatized representation, using this composition as scenery.

6. Do not forget about suits for children. It can be not only the festive attires decorated with autumn leaves but also suits of fantastic heroes, forest inhabitants. Prepare also a dress for yourself if you, for example, are the leader of fantastic action, the queen of fall or the forest fairy.

7. In advance prepare musical compositions which will be important addition on a festive action in kindergarten.

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