How to issue a musical corner

How to issue a musical corner

The musical corner is a place where children learn music and its beauty. Hearing of music takes the important place in education of children. Thanks to this process to the child desire to love and learn fine takes root. Creatively issued musical corner will help not only to plunge into the world of music and to expand ideas of it, but also will develop imagination of children, makes active the emotional sphere, thinking, the speech. How to issue a musical corner?


1. At registration of a musical corner it is necessary to remember age and individual opportunities of children. So, for children of 3-5 years it is better to build registration on a subject basis, and for children of more advanced age – on didactic.

2. The musical subject environment has to be to correspond to an eye, actions of a hand, growth of the child.

3. In a musical corner there have to be a case, regiments for musical grants, couple of tables, chairs for didactic games. Grants of the developing environment are sound, esthetic, attractive, easy to use, cause desire to work with them. On a floor carpets and soft padded stools have to lie. It creates a cosiness and promotes concentration of attention.

4. In a corner it is better to put a DVD player by means of which children will listen to music, various animated films and also the melodies promoting a psychological relaxation and mental relaxation.

5. Usually on walls of a musical corner hang out stands. On them lyrics, verses, chastushkas, photos of children's performances, composers, colourful posters, pictures with musical instruments are fixed.

6. In a musical corner toy musical instruments have to lie: drum, pipe, tiny piano, glockenspiel, also musical toys. It is useful to enter a guitar, a flute, a violin, a bayan, an accordion into a musical corner. Playing on them, children develop the creative abilities, imagination, musical memory. It attracts interest in music of children, develops musical and phonemic hearing and fine motor skills of hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team