How to issue a nature corner in kindergarten

How to issue a nature corner in kindergarten

At preschool age at the child not only the foundation of the personality, but also many values including the relation to the nature is laid. What it will be - depends on tutors and parents. That the child understood the neotryvnost by nature, it is important to surround him with it, for example, to create a nature corner.


1. The nature corner is surely necessary in preschool institutions. With its help children can learn to perceive beauty of the nature, her naturalness. Also here it is possible to receive elementary skills on care for plants and animals, to learn compassion and mercy in relation to dumb animals, careful attitude to the nature. Formation of ecological culture of the child is put at this age therefore the corner of the nature has to contain not only live exhibits, but also informative literature with bright, entertaining pictures, the place where children will be able to conduct own natural observations, to write down temperature, overcast, precipitation in order that they had a concept of seasons, recurrence of the natural phenomena.

2. Flora Osnovoy of a nature corner plants are. Them has to be quite a lot, besides, they have to be various that children understood variety of the nature. But these plants should not be very whimsical, demand any special conditions of keeping or watering by synthetic fertilizers which can be dangerous to children. If the group of kindergarten is numerous, it is possible to organize a competition, having allocated to each child on a pot with the earth and to a shoot, having taught them to look after him. Children will understand what is responsibility, bad leaving will very quickly show the results in the form of the turned yellow leaves. Except plants, there has to be literature and other grants on them. If the kindergarten is equipped with a projector, then it is possible to show to children the movie about the wild nature.

3. The FaunaNebolshyy animal can also lodge in a nature corner in kindergarten. It is the best of all if conditions allow, to place a little rodent there - a hamster or a guinea pig, a small aquarium with small fishes and a birdie - a parrot or a canary. Thus children will see that there are various representatives of fauna - natatorial, birds, animals. Each of them eats on special, has the day regimen. It is necessary to make the schedule that children in turn looked after animals and learned to care for those who are less and more weakly. Of course, nobody forbids to look after them out of the schedule.

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