How to issue group by spring

How to issue group by spring

Parents and tutors often notice that with approach of spring children are ill more often, are capricious, become sluggish and lacking initiative. It happens because of a lack of vitamins B an organism and decrease in immunity. To help them to overcome this period, to adjust on a joyful meeting of spring, it is necessary to create around them the atmosphere of harmony and fun. Therefore pay special attention to registration of group by spring.


1. Try to make registration bright and joyful, the spring is the period of revival of all live. Therefore violence of paints will be as it is impossible by the way. Hang up bright curtains, put the same tissues in glasses. For persons on duty it is possible to sew aprons with the image of butterflies or dragonflies.

2. Hang up in a corner for parents information on what to do at avitaminosis how to fill a lack of vitamins B a children's organism. Recommend to them to give to kids dogrose or blackcurrant decoction and also it is more than citrus to fill a lack of vitamin C.

3. For children at the stand place information on what signs of spring can be observed in each spring month.

4. Update pictures on children's lockers. Let they will choose for themselves the illustration connected with approach of spring.

5. Organize an exhibition of books about spring. Read verses or stories together with children, consider pictures about awakening of the nature.

6. Together with children discuss and transfer to paper of a sign of spring: arrival of birds, emergence of the first grass, murmur of streamlets, etc. Children's drawings can be placed on the stand or to issue an exhibition. Do not forget to sign the name of work and to enter the name of the author.

7. Together with children you can prepare also hand-made articles from natural materials or applique on spring. For example, of glossy magazines it is possible to make beautiful flowers of bright paper. For this purpose it is necessary to cut out small small squares and to put them an accordion, having fixed in the middle by means of glue or a toothpick. Place them at the exhibition stand, having put in a vase. The whole bouquet of flowers will turn out.

8. Plant also living plants in special boxes. Sign when and what plant in them was planted. Children will be able to look after it, to watch its development from a sunflower seed to a flower, and results of these observations can be written down in the special diary.

9. Try to create the atmosphere of a holiday, joyful mood by means of rich and bright colors in each detail of an interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team