How to issue group in a kindergarten

How to issue group in a kindergarten

Beautiful, cozy and with taste the issued group in kindergarten helps children to feel comfortable. Besides, such room has the esthetic and developing value. There are many options of registration of children's corners, lockers, stands. The main thing is a creative approach to business.


1. Try to involve as much as possible parents in registration of group. Perhaps, someone beautifully draws, photographs or owns computer programs and will manage to create nature calendars, posters, schedules. If such volunteers are not, it is possible to issue group ready stands or to make the individual order to experts. Of course, before it it is necessary to obtain the consent of the head of the kindergarten.

2. Registration of kindergarten has to be functional, suit different children with various interests. Have to be present a zone for a dream, a game zone and educational where classes are. Surely there has to be a good lighting. An interior of children's group has to conform to increased requirements of safety, furniture has to conform to standards. The materials used at registration have to be eco-friendly, resistant to attrition.

3. At registration of children's group it is very important to choose color scale. Specialists psychology are advised to use bright colors pointwise, separate color spots. The optimum main background for children's group is considered green. This color of trust, happiness, optimism. Images of fairy tale characters, heroes of animated films can bring the kind and cheerful atmosphere in an interior.

4. Issue on the foreground, for example, in a locker room, an exhibition corner where children will expose own hand-made articles, toys for demonstration them to the parents and guests of group.

5. A specific place in registration of children's group is held by special information stands. Thanks to them, children learn safety rules, traffic, get acquainted with letters and figures. Therefore such stands have to be bright, colourful, clear and effective and also reliable in installation.

6. Remarkably, if there is an opportunity to create a nature corner in group. For example, to put an aquarium with small fishes, a cage with a turtle or a hamster. Here it is possible to hang up a shelf with books and encyclopedias about the world around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team