How to issue group in kindergarten

How to issue group in kindergarten

Registration of group in kindergarten - a task difficult. Kids spend in this room much time, and to them has to be interesting and comfortable in it to be. Besides, registration of group has to bear semantic loading and include the developing information for children.

It is required to you

  • Paints, pencils, appliques, children's stickers, sheets of A1 format, glue


1. For a start divide the placement on zones: the worker (for classes) and game. In a working part of group place tables, hang up a board and put a case with books and the training games and materials. Make thematic stands. For example, "We consider with pleasure" - for classes mathematics and "A travel from And to I" - for studying letters.

2. In a game zone establish upholstered children's furniture, cases and regiments with toys. Make thematic corners: "On a visit at the fairy tale", "Favourite toys". Think up a corner for girls with ready sets of toys. It can be "Kitchen" or "Hairdressing salon". For boys organize a workshop with toy tool kits and machines.

3. Allocate the place for "The magic country of creativity". Place designers, puzzles and various sets for children's creativity there. Make a shelf and the stand for an exhibition of children's drawings and hand-made articles.

4. Create the kind atmosphere by means of the image of heroes of fairy tales and animated films, flowers and amusing animals. Color scale has to be bright and colourful.

5. Make several stands with useful information not only for children, but also for parents. Devote them to food, sport and physical development and also children's psychology and the general councils for education of kids. Draw or order several posters. For example, "Different professions", "Seasons" or "Days of the week". On children's lockers attach stickers with cheerful pictures.

6. Think over the general subject of registration of group. It can be fantastic, sea or forest history. When you choose one concrete style, try to adhere to it as much as possible.

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