How to issue in a boarding school

How to issue in a boarding school

In some circumstances the parents or trustees can have a need to issue the child in a boarding school. There is a number of conditions and procedures which need to be observed for this purpose.


1. Prepare documents for registration of the child in a boarding school. Except its birth certificate and the passport if it reached 14 years, it will be necessary to show its medical record and also the health certificate. For the children needing the room in a special boarding school, for example, in psychoneurological, the conclusion of medical commission about assignment of disability by it or about the diagnosis has to be prepared if their state is not so serious. In addition the reference from a passport office of a condition of a living space of the child in which he lives at present will be required. Also the papers confirming the status of the child - the judgment on deprivation of the roditelstky rights, the act of leaving of the child will be useful.

2. Address to regional department of education and explain them a situation. Transfer to a boarding school not only the children who were left without family, but also those whose mother or the father got into a difficult life situation is allowed. In this case their rights for the child can be kept in order that they could take away him subsequently. Write the application addressed to the management with the indication of the reasons of your act. The letter is written on behalf of parents or legal representatives.

3. The regional department of education has to issue to the child the permit according to which it will be sent to a boarding school. In certain cases judicial proceedings, for example, are required if parents do not agree with resheny tutorship and guardianship authorities.

4. Act in a different way if you want to send the child not to a boarding school for orphan children, and to school with constant stay. It can be school for future athletes or other exceptional children. Rules of transfer in such educational institution depend on concrete school. In some accept following the results of the Olympic Games, in others - after the entrance examinations. Transfer in sports boarding schools requires delivery of standards for certain types of physical training and also the recommendation of trainers.

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