How to issue the child in kindergarten

How to issue the child in kindergarten

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Among many parental problems of our time there is a problem of kindergartens, without exaggeration, one of main. Thousands of mothers and fathers worry about whether it will turn out to get at them to kindergarten in time. A situation here really difficult, the number of kindergartens for the last ten years strongly decreased, and the birth rate significantly increased. Not to be left in the basket of preschool institution you will be helped several advice.

The first council. Do not postpone a visit to kindergarten! Many gardens have line of persons interested there to get on two, and even more years. Therefore visit the garden elected by you as soon as receive the birth certificate of the kid. You remember, officially enlist in a garden since June 1, but to register this day so that it is possible to start walking since September 1 only accidentally. Each manager of a garden has a special notebook in which he writes down all candidates, try to appear in this list for a year necessary to you. Example. You came to register in October, 2010. To your kid now 1 month. You wrote down at number "8" for September, 2012. It means that when the child is 2 years old he will go to kindergarten since September 1. By the way, most preschool institutions accept children since 2 years. In the given example, parents needs to remind of themselves to the manager from time to time and not to forget to come on June 1 to issue in kindergarten of the child.

The second council. Be not too lazy, and register in several gardens at once. Make the list of preschool institutions, desirable for you, and register in them. It will significantly increase chances to appear in the treasured list. Remember that lists constantly change. Employees of kindergartens ring round potential candidates from time to time. Someone leaves, someone settles to other place so the turn constantly moves, the main thing that did not forget about you. Take for the rule, time a month to visit managers and to remind of themselves.

The third council. During the first visit of kindergarten, try to convince the manager of the usefulness. This is not about a bribe. Just work with parents — the most important part of the life of preschool institution. Each manager wants his garden to be the best, and parents can help with it. Your professional skills, a hobby can be quite demanded (especially needlework, the photo, etc.). You can help to organize and make repairs, to render assistance in acquisition of the equipment — anything. In principle, each person can be useful something to a garden, the main thing to be able to explain it to administration.

You remember if you want suit the child in kindergarten, then have to show the readiness to participate in life of all establishment. To facilitate to itself a task look round around, pay attention, to a garden interior, the plan of educational work, the list of circles. It will help to be guided with a conversation with administration.

The fourth council. Pay attention to the appearance and a manner to behave. Everyone will agree that it is much more pleasant to deal with the decent, cultural, intelligent person, than with someone else. What from this follows? You have to look accurately, strictly, with taste. Minimum of jewelry. Especially this moment concerns young parents up to 25 years. They often are perceived still by children therefore to them to make a favorable first impression very important. In general, a situation such is that you are in a role of applicants, and it is necessary to behave as appropriate.

In this article we consciously did not consider such ways to issue in kindergarten of the kid as acquaintances, the sponsor's help or scandal in governing bodies of education. Life shows that the listed councils are enough in 9 of 10 cases.

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