How to issue the child on the father

How to issue the child on the father

Unlike motherhood which is easy for establishing paternity fact in some cases can be called into question. Therefore there is a special registration procedure of the man as the child's father.


1. If you are married to the child's father, when obtaining the birth certificate add the passport of the husband and your marriage certficate to the package of documents. As the child's father the spouse automatically admits, additional documents will not be necessary. The same procedure works and in case you divorced the child's father, but between this moment and the birth of the son or daughter there passed less than 300 days.

2. At registration of paternity of the man who is not married to you receive from it the written statement that he recognizes himself as the child's father. At the same time at the REGISTRY OFFICE at submission of documents on the birth certificate there have to be both a father, and mother. In the same way it is necessary to deystvat if you is married to one person, and you consider the father of the child another. However be ready that such decision can be challenged through court by your present husband if for this purpose there are strong evidences.

3. In case the father of the child refuses to recognize it, submit the petition for paternity proof. Supplement this paper with the birth certificate of the child and the reference from his place of registration. The court will make investigation, and, most likely, will appoint genetic examination. Only such research on paternity has validity. The same analyses which are carried out in the clinics which are not specified by the judge on a private initiative of parents cannot be accepted as the official certificate. Also the man if the woman refuses to recognize him as the child's father can submit the same claim.

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