How to issue the children's drawing

How to issue the children's drawing

All parents think of creativity of the children much. Ready drawings are carefully stored in folders. But many drawings can quite decorate your room. Such attention will be pleasant to the kid. Therefore it is important to issue the children's drawing, and it will look very well in a self-made frame.

It is required to you

  • Cardboard, scissors, glue, fabric, accessories.


1. The simplest frame at you will turn out from a bright packing box. Take any half of an empty box from candies. Paste the drawing of the child on any color cardboard and fix by a bilateral adhesive tape in a box.

2. On dense paper make four openings and, having passed through a thread, tie it. Paste from a reverse side of your frame and hang up on a wall.

3. Together with the child you can make a frame of corrugated fibreboard. Skim with it so that the wavy surface of future frame seemed. Cut out a window of the necessary size for the drawing.

4. Possibly, before you often there is a question of how to finish a frame that beautifully issued drawing fitted into an interior and pleased close people. Besides the drawing in the decorated frame can become an excellent gift.

5. As cardboard often has not a plain surface therefore it is possible a front part of a ready frame it is possible to decorate color paper. Cut out patterns or ornaments from it and paste on a frame. Too put old glossy magazines on use, cutting out from them strips for ornament.

6. Except paper it is possible to use any fabric with a pattern. The knitted cloth will be suitable for small leaflets, hearts and flowers. Having filled them with sintepon, decorate a frame which is fitted by fabric.

7. Very effectively a framework in style patchwork looks. For this purpose pick up rags, different in color and texture. Such scrappy frame is ideal for the children's room in style of a country.

8. On a fabric frame you can sew various accessories – from ordinary buttons to beads. Have in any order or make simple patterns. Even the frame which is simply intertwined with a tape, will turn into a masterpiece.

9. The following option of execution of the children's drawing – a frame with the glass, a back and a passe-partout. All this can be got in shop. The frame has to be a nice on the touch, simple form – plastic or wooden.

10. The passe-partout serves as an additional element to a frame, framing the drawing, emphasizes or shades the image. Is located between a frame and the drawing.

11. Kind of you did not make out the children's drawing, do it together with the child. Decorated with your hands, it will get more significant value for you and the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team