How to issue the children's newspaper

How to issue the children's newspaper

To issue the children's newspaper it is not necessary to be the professional publisher. You need only imagination, skillful hands and a little free time. Surely involve in joint creativity of children. Let they will be the main authors, and you just will help to issue the work beautifully.

It is required to you

  • Whatman paper;
  • felt-tip pens and colored pencils;
  • simple pencil, ruler and eraser;
  • cliche with letters of different size;
  • photos of children;
  • the beautiful pictures which are cut out from magazines;
  • beads, spangles, tinsel for ornament;
  • scissors and all-purpose adhesive.


1. To make the children's newspaper, you need a leaf of a white Whatman paper. If paper was twisted in a roll - put it for 10-15 minutes under oppression. When the leaf is straightened to you it will be much easier to work with it.

2. Then you need to draw the plan of future newspaper on a Whatman paper. By a simple pencil designate places where pictures where you plan to insert photos and where there will be a text will be pasted.

3. Leave enough place for the name of the newspaper. It needs to be written in the top part of a Whatman paper the most large print which you have available.

4. Entrust the choice of the name of the newspaper to children. The inquisitive children's mind is capable to invent infinite number of unusual, amusing headings.

5. Carefully think over contents of the newspaper. What will it be devoted to? If you prepare a children's morning performance, pick up the corresponding filling for a tabloid. It can be jokes, songs from animated films, cheerful verses. All that it will be interesting to children to read.

6. It is possible to prepare the newspaper for an intellectual competition between kids. For this purpose give the main part of the edition to riddles, rebuses, crossword puzzles. Think up logical tasks. Give to all winners of a tournament mementoes, and lost - consolation prizes.

7. If you prepare the newspaper for day for the child's birth, devote the most part of the edition to the birthday boy. Look or take amusing pictures. Think up the verses devoted to the kid. Write in the newspaper of a wish and congratulation. It is possible to leave a part of a Whatman paper empty. It is necessary to make it in order that all invited children could leave the autograph on the newspaper and express to the birthday boy warm feelings.

8. At execution of the newspaper use more colourful pictures. For example, when writing kind wishes to the child, represent them. Near council to be kind and courageous it is possible to place the knight, for example. And near a wish of good study - the diary with the five. It is not obligatory to draw everything independently, it is possible to cut out suitable images from magazines.

9. When you write all necessary texts and you will paste all pictures, the newspaper will need to be decorated. For this purpose beads, spangles, tinsel will be necessary for you. It is possible just to paste these accessories on large letters of the name, and it is possible to decorate corners of the newspaper, photo, to select especially important text. Here the full scope for your imagination opens.

10. After you decorated the newspaper, let's glue dry up. Then hang up it on the foreground. Such original edition will become decoration of any children's holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team