How to issue the wall newspaper in kindergarten

How to issue the wall newspaper in kindergarten

Wall newspapers make out not only at school, but also in kindergarten. They can be thematic, i.e. are devoted to some holiday. Wall newspapers are prepared also for final of a preschool institution. Their release can be dated for a birthday of children (one month). Materials of wall newspapers have to be interesting to both children, and their parents.


1. In advance think over to what event the issue of the wall newspaper will be devoted. Distribute places for illustrations, drawings, photos, etc. Try to involve in work of each child as much as possible. They can prepare drawings on a certain subject or appliques.

2. In the center it is necessary to place some main composition. For example, to draw the ship. It is supposed that by it the team - children from your group goes to swimming to the country of the childhood.

3. Ask children to cut out their image from photos. It is also possible to draw with him himself and too to cut out. Paste the image aft of the ship. In the center in the captain's peak-cap, of course, there has to be a teacher.

4. Ask children to write under the photos wishes for travelers.

5. Traveling by the ship, children will be able to visit different stations. Names for them ask to think up children. Information component of the wall newspaper will just contain at these stations.

6. Print on the computer or involve information material in this work of parents. It is better to make it on paper of different flowers to draw attention to the text.

7. They can contain, for example, information on advantage of a healthy lifestyle or data on the rights and duties of children. It is possible to place the developing tasks for children or useful data for parents.

8. If you want to congratulate birthday boys, draw lodges of these children to which you go on a visit at stations. Write for them congratulations.

9. Try that the wall newspaper was issued brightly and esthetically. Let children will draw florets, various animals or fantastic heroes. Cut out them and paste on the wall newspaper. Tell children that traveling around the fantastic country of the childhood, they will visit in the guest at those who will be represented.

10. Dream and create together with children. It will contribute to the development at them of sense of beauty, belief in the fairy tale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team