How to keep a diary of the child

How to keep a diary of the child

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For the loving parents valuable are even most insignificant moments of life of the child. The special diary in which it is possible to write down information on growth and development of the child will help to save information on the childhood.


1. Choose a notebook for maintaining the diary. In book and office shops it is possible to get ready models, but the diary can be made independently of the daily log or an album. The main thing that the format of a notebook was convenient for records and that there it was possible to paste or insert photos. It can be issued independently, having pasted on a cover the photo of the child or another the picture, pleasant for you. If desired it is possible to make also the electronic version of the diary.

2. Date each record. Subsequently it will be simpler to you to correlate information to concrete age of the child.

3. Begin record with the desirable moment for you. It can be the child's birth, approach of pregnancy or even that moment when you began to plan birth of the son or daughter. As illustrations it is possible to choose not only photos of your family, but also beautiful pictures from magazines. If you are able to draw, use it at registration.

4. Write down not only dry figures about change of growth and child's weight, but also various amusing cases and situations. You can mention also the experiences. But do not forget that the children's album is not your personal diary. Subsequently strangers and the child at more adult age will be able to read it.

5. If you invite guests to the first birthday of the child, select them the page in your diary for writing of wishes. The child, of course, will not remember a holiday, but also to it, and subsequently it will be interesting to you to read records of relatives and friends.

6. Give to the child's father the chance to participate in drawing up the diary if he wants it. In such situation at you the view of the child from the point of view of both parents will turn out.

7. When the child begins to speak, write down his first phrases and just interesting conclusions. Subsequently it will be interesting to you to remember it.

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